Dr. Anthony Yeung – educating the next generation of physicians to be competitive in a new era of healthcare

MCMS-ROUNDUP-articleby Susan Parker

Anthony T. Yeung, MD understands how to keep patient care his top priority as the tides are changing in the way that healthcare is delivered. Changes in medical technology, advancements that challenge previous “gold standards,” and evolving “best practices” illustrate the ever-changing landscape in medicine.

In this issue of Round-up, get to know Dr. Yeung; what motivated him to become a physician, his practice philosophy and treatment beliefs, and why he believes that physicians need to continue to band together as a collective voice by joining organizations such as the Maricopa County Medical Society (MCMS).

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Top 100 Physician Leaders to Know

AnthonyYeungDr. Anthony Yeung was named in the recent "100 Physician Leaders to Know in the ASC Industry" for 2014 by Becker's ASC Review.

The list is comprised of ambulatory surgery center physician owners, operators and corporate leaders who have distinguished themselves in the ambulatory surgery center industry.

Several of these physicians are pioneers in the ambulatory surgery center industry and have spent tireless hours promoting the growth and reputation of ASCs on a local and national level. The physicians are highlighted not only for their clinical expertise but also vision and leadership in providing a high quality, low cost option for healthcare.

This list was devised after public solicitation for recommendations by our editorial team and developed based on internal research. Members of the list do not pay and cannot pay to appear on the list. Please direct questions about this list and Becker's ASC Review to Carrie Pallardy at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

*Becker's ASC Review is a Chicago-based publication focused on providing the most relevant business and legal news and analysis for ambulatory surgery center owners, operators, administrators and decision-makers. The publication includes weekly electronic newsletters, extra online content and bi-monthly print publications sent to ASC leaders across the country.

Dr. Nima Salari warns, "Don't let technology get you off track! "

Dr. Nima Salari was interviewed by Channel 3 News on how our high-tech life can wreak havoc on our posture and our health and gives some tips on how to counter bad habits that come with increased phone and computer usage.

Our high-tech life can wreak havoc on posture, health

by Natalie Brand | June 24, 2014

PHOENIX -- Modern life may be taking a toll on your health.

Research is still being done, but at least one study out of Europe links increased time in front of computers with greater neck and back pain in adolescents.

Phones and computers are terrible for our posture. Being locked in a hunched position can be literally a pain in the neck. It's hard to avoid it in this digital age, but it's a modern-day problem that can wreak havoc on your back and spine.

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