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This PowerPoint presentation is on how to avoid complications when adopting the Transforaminal Approach.

View accompanying playlist: Complication Risks in Transforaminal Surgery

This presentation talks about the Gelstik™ implantation: An intradiscal hydrogel for Nucleus Augmentation and goes with the white paper 'Discogenic Pain' written and provided by Dr. Anthony T. Yeung of Desert Institute of Spine Care.

This presentation is one of a series of Master Lectures by Dr. Anthony Yeung pertaining to unique procedures that DISC does. This lecture is on Failed Back Surgery Syndrome and Foraminal Stenosis. Dr. Anthony Yeung gives this Master Lecture at his courses, drawing referrals from physicians and even other spine surgeons. The lecture has four short illustrative videos embedded in the powerpoint presentation - which can also be viewed under 'Case Studies & Technique Videos.'

Videos Also on YouTube: Treating Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

Our philosophy is to at least offer the LEAST invasive option first, before Coflex or fusion. Having experience to get better results only comes from doing more SED cases and overcoming the learning curve, not just technically, but by learning from your surgical failures or incomplete decompression of the patho-anatomy.

This presentation goes through Dr. Anthony Yeung's own spine surgery - the process, the techniques, and the recovery.

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Dr. Anthony Yeung’s Master Lecture Series given at the AANS Mayfield Winter Clinic Symposium discusses and summarizes - to date - the efficacy of his YESS technique.

The Current Status of Endoscopic Spine Surgery and its Applications (Full Version)

Dr. Anthony Yeung was invited to The University of New Mexico as a visiting professor to give this special powerpoint presentation to the Pain Management, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Neurosurgical, and Orthopedic Departments for their state-of-the-art outpatient MIS multi-disciplinary spine center that is under development.

The Current Status of Endoscopic Spine Surgery and its Applications  (Summary)


Video |Advances in Spine

The brain mapping conference is a government sponsored meeting to showcase new technologies that the government may want to fund and nurture. The US Government recognizes that technology is what has kept America as a leader in the world and therefore, it invites select leaders from various fields to present their findings and developments.  Some of these technologies may be used in other government agencies with other applications.  Dr. Anthony Yeung was one of the selected individuals invited by the US Government to present his body of work on endoscopic spine surgery, including techniques and instruments he has pioneered and developed, and now teaches to spine surgeons worldwide. 

Foraminal Endoscopic Spine Surgery and its Applications Presentation for
The General Transforaminal Endoscopic Workshop (Modified Version)

A powerpoint presentation given at the General Transforaminal Endoscopic Workshop on the YESS Technique and its Philosophy.

Dr. Anthony Yeung states:

"I am trying to devote more time to teaching and supporting the technologies and companies who have technologies that I believe will or should have an impact on MIS spine care. The slides I use [in this presentation] are not to be used for CME talks where the talks are not condusive to free exchange of ideas and techniques because of its restrictions on expressing "biased" opinion. Bias also comes from surgeon experience and philosophy, and benefitting from one's bias is not necessarily bad, if it is made transparent."

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