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1 "Dr. Salari was an absolute blessing. I don’t have any feeling of discomfort in my neck." 110
2 "Dr. Field is nothing less than a miracle worker." 167
3 "For the first time in 4 years I can honestly say that I am pain free!!" 314
4 "I would highly recommend Dr. Salari, and all the surgeons at this facility." 193
5 "I no longer have to say, ‘I have a bad back.’ I have banished the phrase from my life!" 426
6 "I simply cannot thank him adequately; how do you thank a man that has given you your life back?" 385
7 "Scottsdale Healthcare and Dr. Field…truly gave me my life back!” 503
8 "I feel like I did before I started having back problems." 525
9 "I am pain free and I can sleep well at night." 443
10 "I can play and get back to my active life." 400
11 "I can walk, ski, and work again." 391
12 "I'm also able to hike and continue being active." 493
13 "I was able to get back on my feet." 392
14 "Thank you for giving me my life back!" 521
15 "I appreciated your dedication, knowledge, and surgical skills..." 1266
16 "Dr. Field is an extremely compassionate doctor and I truly believe he genuinely cares." 774
17 "Thank you for taking away my back pain." 957
18 "I am forever grateful!" 1209
19 "Dr. Yeung, you are my angel!" 1107
20 "Dr. Field is the best!" 1110
21 "I am 100% pain free!" 1127
22 "I can really enjoy life again." 1032
23 "Thanks to Dr. Field, I have my life back." 1126
24 "The man with the miracle hands!" 1515
25 Charlie Gellert: 10 years later 1250
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