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Preface to special Issue Minimally Invasive Surgery Spine II

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  • Create Date September 13, 2018

This special Issue on Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery II was put together to provide updated information that is lacking in high profile established journals where published articles are subject to review by established Spine Journals with the highest ratings. These Journals usually only publish articles subject to their restrictive guidelines of level I and II EBM validated, and powered by statistical analysis. Level I and II EBM, however, always starts with level 5 expert opinion EBM that deserves access to the literature.

Open access Journals supported by publication fees after peer review provide important timely scientific information tend to reflect more recent contemporary research, and opinions ultimately become listed and cited by PUB Med 5-10 years later with meta-analysis, statistically powered numbers, and consolidation of multiple case series. By the time these articles become part of the established literature, it is often outdated.

This special Issue has topics and opinions by authors offering level 5 opinions that will eventually work its way to Level I and II EBM or establish a more contemporary collection of EBM articles.

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