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Activities You Can Do While Recovering From Back Pain

September 13, 2022

Millions of Americans struggle with back pain. They may have lifted something too heavy at work, twisted the wrong way while renovating the house or been involved in an accident resulting in pain. Back pain is one of the most common medical conditions in the U.S. — approximately 8% of adults struggle with chronic back pain.

You can do a few things at home to find relief if you’re recovering from back pain. You should also avoid specific activities to prevent inflammation and further injury. Learn ways you can find relief and how to recover from lower back pain below.

Is Swimming Good for Back Pain?

August 4, 2022
Swimming is an excellent exercise, and it often feels refreshing to take a dip in the water. It is also beneficial for your health and provides an effective way to relieve back pain. Keep reading this article to discover how swimming can help with back pain.

Tips for Flying With Back and Neck Pain

July 21, 2022

Despite its primary purpose to provide passengers with a place to relax during a flight, airplane seating does not offer much comfort. Sitting on a plane gives minimal support to the back and neck, resulting in travelers taking matters into their own hands by bringing pillows and blankets from home. You can take more precautions by preparing for your flight to fit your personal needs for comfort.

You should not have to limit your traveling opportunities because of your back and neck pain. You can still make lasting memories while traveling with the support of numerous tips, so discomfort while flying is more manageable. You can apply these tips before booking a plane ticket, during the flight, and after landing at your destination. Evaluate the following steps to alleviate the anxiety about traveling with back pain.

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