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Scientific Publications

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Endoscopic Decompression, Foraminalplasty and Dorsal Rhizotomy for Foraminal Stenosis and Lumbar Spondylosis: A Hybrid Procedure in Lieu of Fusion 884.46 KB 20 downloads

Surgical treatment of chronic low back pain syndrome from an aging spine traditionally...

Transforaminal Endoscopic Surgery: Its Role in the Treatment of Painful Conditions of an Aging Spine 449.68 KB 13 downloads

A major gap exists between fusion oriented surgeons and Pain Management leaders,...

Intradiscal Therapy and Nucleus Augmentation as a Surgical Technique for the Treatment of Common and Chronic Low Back Pain 1.80 MB 14 downloads

The patho-genesis of common persistent and chronic low back pain is a difficult condition...

Moving Away from Fusion by Treating the Pain Generator: The Secrets of an Endoscopic Master 365.76 KB 13 downloads

Chronic back pain afflicts hundreds of millions of people worldwide the most common...

White Paper - Discogenic Pain 118.10 KB 27 downloads

The current trend in MIS Spine are surgical procedures is a focus on intradiscal...

Endoscopic Foraminal Decompression for Failed Back Surgery Syndrome under local Anesthesia 40.76 MB 32 downloads

The most common causes of failed back surgery are residual or recurrent herniation,...

Endoscopically Guided Foraminal and Dorsal Rhizotomy for Chronic Axial Back Pain Based on Cadaver and Endoscopically Visualized Anatomic Study 13.65 MB 77 downloads

Conventional fluoroscopically guided continuous radiofrequency (CRF) and pulsed Radiofrequency...

In-vivo Endoscopic Visualization of Patho-anatomy in Symptomatic Degenerative Conditions of the Lumbar Spine II 52.72 MB 14 downloads

The patho-anatomy in an aging spine is partly defined by Rauschning's anatomic cryosections....

Endoscopic Spinal Surgery: What Is Its Future? 69.06 KB 14 downloads

Few physicians question arthroscopic surgery's role in advancing our understanding...

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