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“I appreciated your dedication, knowledge, and surgical skills…”

patienttestimonial letterhead

September 12, 2011

Christopher A. Yeung, M.D.
Desert Institute for Spine Care
1635 E. Myrtle Ave., #400
Phoenix, AZ 85020

Dear Dr. Yeung,

I want to thank you and the staff at DISC for the outstanding attention to detail and professional care extended to me two weeks ago when I was there for my evaluation and lubar surgery. As a pain physician, it has been frightening to have uncontrollable symptoms, live the frustration and work through the treatment possibilities. As DISC and Squaw Peak, I felt respected and recieved empathy from you and your staff that led to the trust necessary to guide the way to recovery.

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“Thank you for giving me my life back!”

Dr. Yeung,

I am doing wonderfully well. It has been only 6 weeks since surgery and I have been continuing to recover very well.

I have regained ALL the strength in my R quads! I am at about 80-90% of my exercise routine that I had prior to my bulged and extruded disc. My only residual problem is some numbness in my R pretibial area which seems to be getting slowly better with time.

I am so very, very thankful that Dr. Michael Moore was honest with me and informed me that my case was very difficult and the only person he knew that might be able to help me (without a fusion) was YOU ! He was so right! My life would be dramatically different if I would have had to be fused.

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Patient Surgery Video: Nurse Practitioner undergoes SED Under Local Anesthesia

This nurse practitioner opted for SED with minimal sedation so she can actively experience the surgical procedure and provide feedback. Surgical decompression under local anesthesia is the safest and most effective surgical method. Patient had complete relief of her leg pain immediately post-op. When the patient is awake, the procedure is safest and the results are almost guaranteed.

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Patient Surgery Video: Spine Surgeon treated with SED Surgery

This technique guide video describes Foraminoplasty in the face of Spondylolisthesis – not all Spondylolisthesis needs fusion.

A 70 year old spine surgeon was treated by Dr. Anthony Yeung 8 years previous for isthmic spondylolisthesis with a successful R Transforaminal Endoscopic Decompression.

This video is of that same spine surgeon’s return visit to have the contralateral side decompressed for contralateral sciatica.

Note: The patient was awake for the procedure and able to converse with Dr. Yeung as Dr. Yeung performed and described the technique used.

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“I simply cannot thank him adequately; How do you thank a man that has given you your life back?”

Spine Tale

Joseph Mark Ebertz, M.D.

Spine-Tale-EbertzI never thought this whole ordeal with my back pain could happen to me. I am a physician and I live a healthy life, but I wasn’t so healthy five years ago. So I actively made lifestyle changes and lost 85 pounds through exercise and diet. I exercised properly and never took risks with my activities or health in general. I felt that finally I was the captain of my ship, and I really thought spinal problems were not in my future; after all, I was doing everything right.

However, one Friday afternoon in September 2012, while doing yard work at my home in North Dakota, I bent over to lift a heavy sprayer and was suddenly gripped by excruciating pain. It coursed through my lower back and legs, and I dropped to the ground. I had never before experienced pain so intense that it dropped me to my knees and made me feel like passing out. I contacted my physician who told me that I likely ruptured a disc, and I should rest over the weekend, take pain medications, and see if I improve by Monday. I was given Aleve, oral steroids, a muscle relaxant, and a strong narcotic. I tried ice packs and heating pads. None of these helped at all. Even though my lower back pain was significant, I was amazed to find that the muscles in my leg hurt far worse. The muscles in the front of my right thigh and on the side of my right calf ached beyond belief.

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