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Tag: Dr. Walter Bini

Role Of Provocative Discography In Minimally Invasive SED

Lindblom first described discography as a useful tool to identify intervertebral disc ruptures in 1948. The management of chronic low back pain presents a challenge to the spine specialist. With improved understanding of it’s pathophysiology, a discogenic etiology is widely accepted and exists in a considerable number of patients with chronic back disorders. The disc has nociceptive innervation capable of pain generation.

An annular tear is the most common cause of chronic low back pain and it may be that annular injuries that do not adequately heal, evolve into painful degenerated discs. Surely chronic discogenic pain results from mechanical stimulation of annular fissures and chemical irritation (neuropathic pain) from inflammagenic disc break-down substances.

Selective Endoscopic Discectomy™ and Thermal Annuloplasty

To determine whether Selective Endoscopic Discectomy™ and thermal annuloplasty for central disc herniations are efficient for patients with central disc herniations who have not been well described or distinguished from patients with paracentral and lateral herniated discs producing unilateral leg pain. The clinical presentation of central disc hernation is often unclear, and back pain may be intermittent and often lacking in specific dermatomal distribution.

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