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“I give Dr. Salari with DISC the highest rating possible.”

Dr. Nima Salari with DISC performed Hemilaminectomy with decompression on my L-1 through L-5 on Oct. 23, 2017. I cannot praise Dr. Salari highly enough for improving the quality of my life.

I have had four major surgeries in as many years, but the entire process from beginning to post-op care with DISC and Dr. Salari was exceptional. From the front office people to the successful surgery and post-op care, all was done professionally with attention and care for the patient upper-most in their minds.

Anyone contemplating back surgery should contact Dr. Salari before making a decision as to whom you would like to have perform surgery on your back.

I give Dr. Salari with DISC the highest rating possible.

L. Olmstead
Goodyear, Arizona

“I would highly recommend Dr. Salari, and all the surgeons at this facility.”

Two Micro-discectomies by Dr. Anthony Yeung; Lumbar surgery by Dr. Salari

After I herniated my disc, at work – I had sciatic leg and lower back pain. Dr. Anthony Yeung, performed 2 separate micro-discectomies, both were successful. I had a very active field job in Telecommunications and worked climbing towers, and carrying communications equipment and pulling cable. I also went to the gym 5-6 days a week.

My 3rd and most likely, last lumbar surgery was performed by Dr. Salari. This was the most difficult as some bone had to be cut away for Dr. Salari to be able to access the area that would relieve the pressure on the nerves causing me pain.

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“Dr. Salari was an absolute blessing. I don’t have any feeling of discomfort in my neck.”

Spine Tale

James Hagey

As a 77 year old school bus driver, part of my job requires that I routinely perform pre-trip systems checks to ensure that everything is working properly. One Friday morning, I was inspecting the clearance lights because we begin work while it’s still dark outside. A single light in the back of the bus was being temperamental, so I began walking towards it down the empty parking lane beside me. I was looking up at the lights, not watching where I was stepping, and suddenly tripped and hit my head on the bus next to me. I got a large gash on my head that hurt terribly. I went to clean it up and get ready to leave when I noticed pain shooting down both my arms. I began flailing my arms to try to stop the intense pain.

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