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Before Undergoing Major Back Surgery

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Peace of Mind

Undergoing spine surgery can be a life-changing experience. If you have received a recent diagnosis or are concerned with the current treatment option, step back, and take a deep breath; consider a virtual second opinion from the experts at Desert Institute for Spine Care. The well-informed patient is empowered and has peace of mind when making decisions about their spine.

Confirm or Refine the Diagnosis

Effective treatment of spinal conditions depends on getting the correct diagnosis and pain generator. Many contributing factors in the spine can complicate a diagnosis. A virtual second opinion can help you confirm or refine your diagnosis leading you to the least invasive yet most effective treatment options.

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In a Recent Study


patients left second opinion with different or refined diagnosis1


referred for second opinion confirmed patients had wrong surgery recommended by the first surgeon2


of second opinions found surgery unnecessary3

Why Choose DISC?

At the heart of DISC is our philosophy for treating spine patients – To utilize the least invasive yet most effective treatments available to restore, revitalize, and rejuvenate our patients’ active lifestyles.

Our goal is to help patients ENJOY LIFE AGAIN!

Our ultra-minimally invasive techniques and our innovative endoscopic spine surgery experience has differentiated our spine surgeons from their peers nationwide for over two decades. Patients continue to highly recommend our surgeons because of the compassionate care they receive resulting in long-term relief and improved physical function so they can enjoy life again.

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Why Get a Virtual Second Opinion?

Symptoms Persist

After spine surgery your doctor said the pain will subside or the original pain didn’t get better.

Confirm or Refine the Diagnosis

Effective treatment of spinal conditions depends on identifying the correct pain generator and diagnosis.

Seeking Less Invasive Option

Surgery offered is too aggressive for your lifestyle or would keep you out of work too long.

No Surgery Was Offered

You are suffering and surgery was not an option. Many times, the diagnosis may be inaccurate.

No Obligation Opinion

Our second opinion will put you at ease and you are not committed to move forward with our surgeon’s plan.

Peace of Mind

The well-informed patient has peace of mind when making decisions about their spine.

One-on-One Virtual Online Conversation

You won’t be rushed when you have conversation with our expert spine surgeons.

No Wait

You won’t have to wait weeks for an appointment or spend a small fortune to travel to an academic center.

Our Virtual Second Opinion Services

Virtual Second


A virtual second opinion provides patients with convenient online access to expert and world-renowned orthopedic spine specialists. Services are provided within 10 business days. (after all required information is submitted to DISC).

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Expedited Virtual
Second Opinion


When time is of the essence and you are seeking immediate answers to your health care needs. You will receive your online second opinion visit and a written report within 5 business days (after all required information is submitted to DISC).

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International Virtual
Second Opinion


Desert Institute for Spine Care has provided expert second opinions and spine care to international patients for over 20 years. All reports and interactions with customers are in English unless otherwise pre-coordinated.

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Second Opinion Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Get Your Virtual Second Opinion in 4 Easy Steps



Complete Our Online Process

  • Choosing the Service You Would Like
  • Upload Your Current MRI
  • Answer a Few Questions
  • Submit Payment


Interview With Our Dedicated Intake Specialist

After you submit all of your documents, you will receive a phone call from our intake specialist. Your spine advocate will gather your medical information, answer your questions, explain our online process, and schedule your upcoming virtual meeting with one of our expert surgeons.



Case Review

Our expert spine surgeon will personally review your pain evaluation, diagnostic imaging, condition-related medical records (within 1 year) and notes from your personal interview with our intake specialist. Our process and portals for submitting records and images are HIPAA compliant and secure.



Personal Virtual Call With Spine Surgeon

We will coordinate a convenient time for our surgeon and you to discuss his findings, and treatment options that best accommodate your personal expectations and needs. He will take time to answer your questions and concerns and if a least invasive surgery may benefit you. He will also provide a detailed written report of his findings, opinion, and recommendations.

What to Expect from a Virtual Second Opinion

We listen, get to know your story and desired outcomes

Our surgeons will answer your questions and concerns

Fast turnaround service when time is of the essence

Internationally known spine experts

Minimize your out-of-work time

Receive a full written report of your surgeon’s findings

Ask Our Expert for a Virtual Second Opinion

Before Undergoing Major Back Surgery

“I had immediate relief after surgery after being in chronic pain for 8 months. From the minute I walked in the door Dr. Wang made me feel like I was the only patient in the world he had.”