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DISC - Phoenix, AZ Spine Surgeons

Arizona’s Best Back and Neck Orthopedic Spine Surgeons

Helping Our Patients ENJOY LIFE AGAIN!

Arizona’s Best Back and Neck Orthopedic Spine Surgeons

Helping Our Patients ENJOY LIFE AGAIN!

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Worldwide Leaders in Endoscopic Spine Surgery

  • People in pain should NEVER have to wait!

    We genuinely empathize with our patients and the pain that affects their lives. We listen carefully and with compassion to each patient’s story. We treat the whole patient, not just the symptoms. We understand that patients suffering in pain lead busy lives, want relief, and get back to life as soon as possible.

    Our DISC spine specialists commonly treat sciatica, herniated disc, bulging disc, spinal stenosis, neck pain, low back pain, and degenerative disc disease. We also see many patients seeking a second opinion or alternatives to spine fusion surgery.

    DISC is a recognized leader in endoscopic spine surgery, artificial disc replacement, and minimally invasive spine surgery. Our spine surgeons offer the most advanced treatment options ranging from nonsurgical to least invasive and minimally invasive spine surgery.

    Our expert spine surgeons are board-certified, fellowship trained and have collectively 50 years of patient care experience.  

  • What is Endoscopic Spine Surgery?

    This ultra-minimally invasive spine surgery is the most effective surgical technique that relieves a herniated disclow back pain, and sciatica.  Endoscopic spine surgery is the most innovative surgical technique to evolve over the last fifteen years. 

    This state-of-the-art spine surgery utilizes an HD camera attached to an endoscope inserted through a ¼ inch skin incision to the target pain generator in your spine. This orthopedic procedure allows spine surgeons to operate safely, with greater accuracy, and offer patients better outcomes.  Learn more about Endoscopic Spine Surgery.

    Patient Benefits for Endoscopic Spine Surgery

    • Faster Return to Work, Play and Life
    • High Success Rates
    • Improved Quality of Life
    • High Patient Satisfaction
    • Smallest Incision in Spine Surgery
    • Less Need for Pain Medication
    • Local IV Sedation
  • Personalized Pain Mapping

    At DISC, we offer Personalized Pain Mapping, a revolutionary and scientific way of mapping and identifying the pain generator and accurately diagnosing your condition.

    Personalized Pain Mapping is a precise, targeted, and personalized diagnostic approach we developed here at DISC to accurately identify a patient’s pain generator and spinal condition.

    PPM uses proven diagnostic methods to obtain a comprehensive picture of where the patient’s pain originates in the spine.

    With an accurate diagnosis through personalized pain mapping, we can customize the least invasive surgical solution that exceeds the patient’s expectations.

    Why Get a Second Opinion From DISC

    Recent Second Opinion Study Found

    of patients left the second opinion with a new or refined diagnosis
    of patients referred for a second opinion had the wrong surgery recommended by the first surgeon
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Artificial Disc Replacement in Phoenix, AZ


Are You A Candidate For Artificial Disc Replacement?

When your neck or back pain prohibits you from working and living an active physical lifestyle, you should consult with an expert spine surgeon.  The most common spinal conditions treated with an artificial disc replacement surgery are herniated disc and degenerative disc disease.  Other conditions treated with an ADR are spinal cord compression or myelopathy, spinal stenosis, and radiculopathy.

recent clinical study comparing ADR to spine fusion surgery found that ADR patients return to work 20.9 days sooner than spine fusion patients. Patients most likely returned to work sooner because they did not have to wait for a bone fusion to occur like spine fusion patients do.

Benefits of Artificial Disc Replacement

  • Motion Preservation
  • Return to Work Faster
  • Less Likelihood of Future Surgery
  • Less Stress on Adjacent Discs

Now Enrolling Patients in the BAGUERA® C Cervical Disc Replacement Clinical Trial

DISC is now enrolling patients in two clinical trials evaluating a new cervical disc replacement option for patients with degenerative cervical disc disease.

The clinical trials are evaluating the BAGUERA® C cervical artificial disc, which is designed to help maintain the natural behavior and mobility of a functional cervical spine.

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Experience the DISC Difference!

For over 20 years Desert Institute for Spine Care (DISC) is the recognized worldwide leader of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery in Phoenix, AZ.  The DISC difference starts with compassionate care. We listen carefully to identify the patient’s pain and how it affects their daily life. We get to know you and your goals. Then, we customize a treatment plan that exceeds your goals and gets you back to life!

Patients, professional athletes, and our physician peers choose DISC surgeons for many reasons, however, four distinct reasons distinguish us from other practices.

Helping our patients

Nobody wants to live in pain! Patients share their pain stories and how they wanted their lives back — so they came to DISC, and so can you!

You don’t have to live with NECK or SPINE pain

Ready to learn more about how minimally-invasive surgery can benefit you?

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