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Book Chapters

Our Physicians have written a number of research articles and books. We are proud of the contributions we have made to the orthopedic surgery community. Here is a collection of book chapters we have worked on over the years. Click on the titles below to get a brief introduction, abstract, or detail of the book chapters. If you are looking for our other scientific publications, click here.

Feel free to download these book chapters and share them with you colleagues and family members. They are here for you to evaluate our work and see our advancements over the years. We have steadily improved our technique so that we can offer you the best care available. We hope this information helps you on your path to better health!


Arthroscopic Lumbar Decompression: The Foraminal Approach 135.98 KB 1 downloads

Endoscopic disc surgery is evolving rapidly...

Selective Endoscopic Discectomy™ : Twelve Years Experience 967.65 KB 0 downloads

More than Twelve years have passed (1991)...

Endoscopic Discectomy and Foraminal Decompression In Interventional Spine: An Algorithmic Approach 513.67 KB 1 downloads

Endoscopic disc surgery is evolving rapidly...

Microtherapy in Low Back Pain 233.75 KB 0 downloads

Experimental in vivo stimulation of the annulus...

Endoscopic Surgery and Minimally Invasive Technique 508.49 KB 4 downloads

Spinal endoscopy is poised to parallel the...

Chemonucleolysis Requires Chymopapain: Should We Accept Its Unavailability? 448.51 KB 1 downloads

The production of chymopapain and its availability...

Posterolateral Endoscopic Excision for Lumbar Disc Herniation 280.52 KB 0 downloads

Study Design A retrospective review involving...

Minimally Invasive Techniques for the Management of Lumbar Disc Herniation 1.76 MB 4 downloads

Posterolateral lumbar discectomy is a visualized...

The Learning Curve in Foraminal Endoscopic Discectomy 650.51 KB 0 downloads

We sought to construct a general methodology...

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