Patient Testimonial – Dora Renaud

Dr Abrams and his staff are all kinds of amazing. Dealing with the spine is scary, the thought of surgery on the spine is even scarier. Dr Abrams and his staff took the time with me to answer all my many questions and alleviate my concerns. They never once tried to tell me I should get the surgery instead treated me like family and gave me the facts. I was with Dr Abrahams for well over an hour while they patiently reviewed my options, gave me all the facts and made me feel comfortable. I knew when I left the office that I had the right surgeon, I knew that he would treat me like his family. The peace of mind that you get with Dr Abrams cannot be underestimated and I thank Dr Abrams and his staff from the bottom of my heart for giving me peace. Dr Abrams and his staff are something special!

- Dora Renaud

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