“Dr. Field changed my life and gave me back a pain free one.”

I have suffered for 13 months with severe to unbearable lower back pain. I have been different places and underwent three epidurals. For me, I had little to no help with my pain.

I went into DISC and was met with kind hearts and smiles. Dr. Field let me know that I was a candidate for surgery and his level of confidence was refreshing that he could help me and get me back to living life. He let me know that it would take hard work and a period of healing.

Well, I am 13 days post-op and have no nerve pain at all. I wake up and each day I make more progress and am walking 6 blocks or more a day and have not been able to do that for over a year.

Dr. Field changed my life and gave me back a pain free one. Dr. Field and his staff are above and beyond in heartfelt caring. They are amazing!

- Betty

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