“For the first time in 4 years I can honestly say that I am pain free!!”

For the first time in 4 years I can honestly say that I am pain free!!! What started out as a furious series of back spasms that I experienced every 3-6 months developed over time into sciatic nerve pain. Not only did this recurring nightmare take its toll on my health and well-being, it also created a downward spiral for my social and professional endeavors.

Over the past few years, I’ve anxiously searched for answers to figure out what the cause was and to discover a cure. I started out with massage and chiropractic care. Then I tried other remedies like acupuncture, cortisone shots and physical therapy. Finally, I got my first MRI and we discovered that I had 2 herniated discs L4/L5 and one extremely bulged disc L5.

The orthopedic doctor that I was under the care of recommended a series of 3 epidurals. While these shots created more discomfort every time, they eventually alleviated some of the chronic discomfort that I was experiencing but weren’t a permanent cure.

Then finally after undergoing countless treatments by 6 different doctors, a friend told me about D.I.S.C. and Dr. Justin Field. Out of fear of undergoing an operation, I was hoping to opt for a non-invasive procedure.

Unfortunately, my condition was way too severe to consider anything else but surgery. As I began to weigh my options, fate intervened and my condition reached a very critical state.

Dr. Field made time in his schedule to be there for me. For that I am eternally grateful. If it wasn’t for him and his expert staff, I would never know what it’s like to have my life back again.

If you’re in pain and contemplating what to do, look no further. Surgery may seem like a last resort but you’ll never get the years of suffering back.

- Andy Franco

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