“I appreciated your dedication, knowledge, and surgical skills…”

I want to thank you and the staff at DISC for the outstanding attention to detail and professional care extended to me two weeks ago when I was there for my evaluation and lumbar surgery. As a pain physician, it has been frightening to have uncontrollable symptoms, live the frustration and work through the treatment possibilities. As DISC and Squaw Peak, I felt respected and received empathy from you and your staff that led to the trust necessary to guide the way to recovery.

I appreciated your dedication, orthopedic spine knowledge and surgical skills very much. Now that I have had a chance to review the photographs of the surgery, I am amazed how much you were able to accomplish through the endoscope: the ability to pass the endoscope into the stenotic L5/S1 foramen adjacent to the nerve, then into and half way across the collapsed L5/S1 disc space and finally the amount of disc material and boney fragments that you were able to remove without disturbing the nerve. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to return to an active healthy lifestyle! Having done selective nerve root injections and discograms on similar cases, I know what knowledge, skill and experience were necessary. Thank you!

I also want to thank Lee Thai, M.D. who kept me very comfortable during the procedure. FYI, I do remember the “muscle cramps” in the neck from the irrigation and epidural distention, but that was insignificant. However, I had no back, leg or nerve pain during or following the procedure. Dr. Thai kept me “unaware” yet awake enough to be protective of the nerve, just the way I preferred. Thank you, Dr. Thai!

I want to thank your “assistant”, Anthony Yeung, M.D. Even though I was referred to you, I knew my case was complex. Therefore, I was pleased when we first talked by phone that you had already consulted your mentor, Dr. Anthony Yeung. It gave me much confidence in DISC when you told me that “Dr. Anthony” was going to assist in surgery with my case. You both were interested in the best outcome for me and egos were not going to get in the way. I am so pleased to have been treated that way. Thank you!

And thank you “Dr. Anthony” for being the foremost leader in the field of endoscopic and laser spine surgery. I have followed your published articles and teachings for many years. As medicine is so conservative, it takes great patience and will to make the advancements you have accomplished. I congratulate you on your many accomplishments and achievements. It was an honor to have met you and now I have personally benefitted from your work as so many others have. Thank you!

All of your staff treated me well, but I especially want to thank Martha Brimhall, Dominique Owens, Cheyenne Calhoun and Candy Ranshaw for their timely calls and personal touch. I also found the Hotel Highland to be convenient to the airport and clinic (especially with their shuttle service), their staff was also very helpful and friendly and the facility modern, comfortable and affordable.

It is less than two weeks since the procedure. Overall, I have less pain and am able to sleep most nights without analgesics or sedatives. That is a significant positive change. When I increase my walking, which is the only activity you suggested I do for the first two post-operatives weeks, my back pain increases. Therefore, I have not pushed it and continued to take it easy. Candy called today and I will email you with specifics regarding my progress. However, this letter is a heart felt thank you and your staff at DISC and Squaw Peak for your excellent service.

- Charles M. Bova, M.D.
Phoenix, AZ

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