“It was worth the trip…”

We are coming up on 3rd anniversary (Nov 1) for my husband Monte’s surgery with Dr. Yeung. It was the best decision we ever made. We have referred several people to him, some have elected to go to closer to home (other doctors trained by Dr. Yeung) and some have made the 1750 each way drive that we made from Illinois. I constantly see the same things on this website, my doctor said “learn to live with the pain.” I wish these doctors would have a mandatory month in bed 23hrs a day as my husband was living and see if they say the same thing. Dr. Yeung dedicated his career to finding a better solution to the suffering he watched his mother have. We searched many weeks on the internet before finding Dr. Yeung. From what I can see from my husband and people we have referred, Dr. Yeung’s procedure is the only final option we had left. My husband’s only options given by our doctors were to live with the pain and have no life at all or 2 other options: 1) insert in his stomach an electronic box operated by a massive remote control (like Jerry Lewis is using) that give you a tingling body 24/7 and you hit the remote to give you more tingling to make you forget the pain or 2) insert a morphine pump that would eventually kill him. Great options huh? Monte can now stand taller than he has stood in 10 yrs and 2 traditional back surgeries.

He walked into Dr. Yeung’s office bent over like a ? mark and came back the next day 6’2″ and almost could touch his toes. The recovery time from this procedure was unbelievable. For the small percentage that this surgery cannot fix, maybe there is no cure, and I feel sad for them. However I think we all have to go through that big decision of is it worth a try? If we do not try, we will never know. All traditional back surgeons say this is not a proven procedure instead of looking at the overall results of how many people this has helped. How many of their patients like my husband have more than one surgery and are still no better and usually worse because of all the scar tissue problems just a few years later as my husband had. I find most doctors just keep you coming back for regular office visits, shots, and medications (from which they get an annual kickback from the drug companies) and more surgeries. Pretty good guaranteed retirement. We had the same problems with his neurosurgeon with cluster headaches. Regular visits and tons of medications that poison your body and give you other health problems. After 25 yrs of cluster headaches we have him headache free by using natural herbs.

I’m sure his doctor misses our monthly office charges and his prescription kickbacks, but not enough to call and find out how he is doing? You would think he would wonder after 25 yrs why he is not going there any more? I would drive my husband the 1750 miles from Illinois to Phoenix again if he needed back surgery, even though he was in excruciating pain, it was well worth it. I wish you that take a chance with Dr. Yeung (or doctors that he has trained in his procedure) the best of luck, and for those of you that cannot be helped…my prayers and best wishes are with you all.

- obaby45
Phoenix, AZ

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