Dr. Wang is amazing and gave me back my active lifestyle! I had lower back pain that radiated down my hip and leg for 18 months. I started at a different, highly rated surgeon who completely dismissed my complaints. I tried PT, oral steroids, a steroid epidural, acupuncture, and chiropractic adjustments. Nothing would alleviate the pain and it continued to worsen.

I decided it was time to try a different doctor and found Dr. Wang. After my first appointment with him, I had hope. He was very friendly and did not dismiss my concerns or pain. It turned out that I had a herniated disc pressing directly on nerve roots. Dr. Wang performed a microdiscectomy on my lower back. It can take time for nerves to heal after being compressed so long, but 10 days post surgery 98% of nerve pain was gone as well as lower back pain.

I am now 3 weeks post op and feeling great. It is so nice to be pain free after 18 months. I hike, kayak, travel, and spend a significant amount of time outdoors. The pain had been affecting my adventures and now I can get back to doing everything I love pain free. I hope that I don’t have any further back issues, but if I do, I will always go to Dr. Wang. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s pretty handsome!

- S C

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