“Thank you for giving me my life back!”

I am doing wonderfully well. It has been only six weeks since surgery and I have been continuing to recover very well.

I have regained ALL the strength in my R quads! I am at about 80-90% of my exercise routine that I had prior to my bulged and extruded disc. My only residual problem is some numbness in my R pretibial area which seems to be getting slowly better with time.

I am so very, very thankful that Dr. Michael Moore was honest with me and informed me that my case was very difficult and the only person he knew that might be able to help me (without a fusion) was YOU ! He was so right! My life would be dramatically different if I would have had to be fused.

I savor my mobility and am happy to let you know that at 58 years old and only 6.5 weeks post-op, I am signed up for a Hip Hop dancing course next week! No doubt you’ll eventually be seeing me on Dancing With the Stars 🙂

Again, my deepest appreciation for your dedication and for continuing to practice at the forefront of your specialty.


- Joseph M. Ebertz, MD
Mandan, ND

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