“The man with the miracle hands!”

Life Prior to Surgery: Phil has always led an active lifestyle but years of exercise and weight training took a toll on his back. His lower back pain started in the early 1970s, while going snow sledding with his two daughters. The next day, he started struggling with sporadic episodes of sharp lower back pains which would eventually subside. At the time, Phil didn’t consider his pain a serious issue but, by 2008, Phil’s right leg started to hurt and he sought a consultation with his doctor of internal medicine, who prescribed him muscle relaxers.

Later, Phil was referred to Dr. Justin Field by his primary care physician and a MRI revealed a severe spine condition leading Dr. Field to recommend the ILIF procedure. At this point, although Phil could walk, it was difficult to stand on his feet for long periods of time due to the pain. His daily activities were inhibited and, although Phil exercised, he was in constant pain. When his pain took a toll on his professional life, Phil underwent epidural injections which failed to provide relief for more than two days.

Situation Today: Phil underwent ILIF surgery in late January 2009. When he awoke from the surgery, his right leg no longer hurt and he was able to walk on the second day around his floor of the hospital. He did incur some post-op incision pain and he utilized the assistance of a back brace and walker for a few weeks after surgery.

Phil began physical therapy exercises within four weeks and started a regular exercise regimen after 6-8 weeks. Now, Phil continues to work on core strengthening exercises and feels relieved that he can stand and sit for long periods of time without pain. Phil is very excited that he is able to perform his work at a Christian radio network, pain-free!

- Phil French
Phoenix, AZ

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