Comparable Alternatives to Traditional Spinal Fusion Procedures

This new playlist features special situations helped by Endoscopic Decompression as well as alternatives to fusion for painful spinal conditions that can be compared to traditional procedures touted by current key opinion leaders (KOL’s).

These examples are from Dr. Yeung’s personal database of over 10,000 procedures since 1991. Dr. Yeung adopted and evolved Kambin’s “inside-out ” intradiscal endoscopic technique, and evolved it over 25 years to include “foraminoplasty” versus simple foraminotomy. It involves 1) directly decompressing and visualizing the hidden zone of McNab (when deemed necessary) between the traversing and exiting nerve, the site of painful patho-anatomy, as the graveyard of Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS) and 2) the appropriate use of laser under endoscopic visualization (not as a marketing ploy) facilitating endoscopic surgery as a valuable surgical tool when utilized appropriately.

This sample collection of videos helps to illustrate how favorable results can be obtained for a variety of patients that include medical and surgical professionals, and even other spine surgeons seeking help. It is also meant to be an informative playlist, but not a “guarantee” of success for patients and new surgeons seeking information that is currently being adopted worldwide by surgeons taught by Dr. Yeung. All surgical procedures will have surgical failures for technical or surgical risk reasons, but Dr. Yeung will advise his patients of their chance of success for those who seek his advice and recommendation as a joint and shared informed decision.

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