Surgical and Fluoroscopic Treatment of Discogenic Pain

This series of videos illustrate successful treatment of discogenic pain by thermal modulation of the painful annular tear with a fluoroscopically guided technique that mimics visualized endoscopic decompression and thermal modulation of the visualized annular tear.

Physicians who do not have access to the Wolf YESS endoscopic system can start with a fluoroscopically guided technique that is in the realm of interventional pain management that is not considered the same as a visualized surgical decompression procedure used for surgical transforaminal discectomy performed under endoscopic visualization.

Dr. Yeung is currently developing a nucleus augmentation procedure that, with or with out biologics, will strive to augment and heal discogenic pain by supporting a degenerating disc, healing it, and treating pain with support and regeneration rather than just decompressing and ablating the pain generators.

We are working toward the “holy grail” of disc degeneration, and a company working under the direction of Dr. Yeung, will soon apply for FDA approval, having been validated in Europe with pilot studies and a very favorable experience in over 1,500 surgical cases.

To view the accompanying White Paper and Related Powerpoint Presentation, please go to Scientific Articles.

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