Dr. Anthony Yeung Featured on Angie’s List®

October 29, 2012

Angie’s List® features Dr. Anthony Yeung in their September issue.


Before turning to spine surgery, talk to your doctor about options

by Matthew Brady

Tabetha Evans spent her young adulthood rock climbing, body surfing, zip-lining, anything that promised an adrenaline rush. “If it looked like fun, I was ready to do it,” says the Angie’s List member now living in Casa Grande, Ariz.

Along the way, she ruptured two discs in her lower back. Painkillers and steroid shots helped blunt the pain, but a few times a year it would immobilize her — the final time in 2010 while bending down in a grocery store to pick up a can of tuna. “I got stuck, I couldn’t move,” she says, and knew she had to find a solution to her back problems. For her, the right choice was removal of the damaged parts of her two discs by highly rated orthopedic surgeon Dr. Anthony Yeung of Phoenix. She estimates she paid about $400 out-of-pocket for surgery. Evans says Yeung promised only 80 percent pain relief. “He actually got me to 95 percent,” she says.

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