Dr. Anthony Yeung on Endoscopic Spine Surgery

February 28, 2012

As Featured in Becker’s Orthopedic, Spine & Pain Management Review

“For the past few years, minimally invasive spine surgery has described several different procedures. Professional spine societies are now working to narrow the definition of proven minimally invasive procedures and promoting the education and use of these procedures with appropriately indicated patients.

Anthony T. Yeung, MD, an endoscopic spine surgeon with Desert Institute for Spine Care in Phoenix, and Faissal Zahrawi, MD, FACS, founder of Celebration (Fla.) Minimally Invasive Spine Institute, discuss what the future holds for the proven minimally invasive spine surgery techniques. Both Dr. Yeung and Dr. Zahrawi have limited their practices almost exclusively to using different minimally invasive endoscopic technique for both simple and more complex cases.”

Endoscopic Spine Surgery: 6 Things to Know About the Present and Future
Written by Laura Miller


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