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What is the difference between SED and an open MLD procedure?

DISC distinguishes themselves from all other spine groups because of their experience and expertise at SED. This video is for those who want to know the difference between SED and an open procedure that 99% of traditionally trained surgeons favor because of their training and comfort zone.

This surgical demonstration illustrates SED versus MLD. The surgeon should choose the technique that is best for his patient in his hands, but SED is less invasive. Dr. Anthony Yeung has developed and has been performing this procedure since 1991, but the procedure is performed by ALL surgeons at DISC.

SED is the procedure of choice over an open MLD at DISC for appropriate patients. Your surgeon will provide you with choices of the procedures that will be best for you. Variations may cause your DISC surgeon to favor one procedure over another. Let your DISC surgeon help you decide.

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