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Joshua Abrams

How to Avoid Back Pain While Sleeping

January 16, 2023

Back pain is incredibly common, affecting 8 out of 10 people during their lives. Many factors can contribute to a sore and achy back, but sleep and back discomfort are especially linked. From your sleep position to the mattress and pillow you use, your slumber habits play a significant role in your spine and neck health.

If you’re looking for ways to relieve nighttime back pain, we’ve created this comprehensive guide that outlines the best sleeping positions, exercises, stretches and other remedies. Explore the most effective tips and practices to resolve pain in your upper or lower back while sleeping.

Activities you can do while recovering from back pain

Activities You Can Do While Recovering From Back Pain

September 13, 2022

Millions of Americans struggle with back pain. They may have lifted something too heavy at work, twisted the wrong way while renovating the house or been involved in an accident resulting in pain. Back pain is one of the most common medical conditions in the U.S. — approximately 8% of adults struggle with chronic back pain.

You can do a few things at home to find relief if you’re recovering from back pain. You should also avoid specific activities to prevent inflammation and further injury. Learn ways you can find relief and how to recover from lower back pain below.

How to alleviate back pain with an anti-inflammatory diet

How to Alleviate Back Pain With an Anti-Inflammatory Diet

June 24, 2022

Our bodies use the nutrients in the food we eat for maintenance and repair, so it’s essential we give them the best materials to work with. If you’re looking for changes you can make at home, adopting an anti-inflammatory diet for your back pain is a great first step.

Some micronutrients help promote a healthy immune system, lowering your inflammatory response. A low-inflammation diet emphasizes foods rich in those vitamins and minerals while reducing your intake of foods that promote inflammation.

You can use this guide to learn more about how your diet affects your back pain and what foods are crucial for fighting inflammation.

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