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Dr. Nima Salari Explaining Endoscopic Spine Surgery

What is Endoscopic Spine Surgery?

In this video, Dr. Nima Salari describes endoscopic spine surgery, its benefits, and why patients prefer these types of surgical procedures. Endoscopic spine surgery is the least invasive surgery category made up of endoscopic discectomy, endoscopic rhizotomy, and endoscopic foraminoplasty. Each of these procedures is performed through a 1/4 inch incision with an HD endoscope and attached camera. The surgeries can be achieved with the patient under conscious sedation.

This endoscopic surgery effectively treats painful conditions caused by a herniated disc, spinal stenosis, sciatica, and facet joint syndrome. This procedure is an excellent solution for patients suffering from pain, seeking to faster return to an active lifestyle.

Dr. Salari is a Board Certified, Fellowship Trained Orthopedic Spine Surgeon with specialized training in the operative and non-operative treatment of pathologic conditions affecting the spine. His expertise in minimally invasive, tissue-sparing approaches allows for the fastest recovery times and minimizes postoperative pain.

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