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Category: Dr. Justin Field (News)

2021 Phoenix TOP DOCS

Phoenix Magazine Top Doctor 2021

Congratulations to Dr. Christopher Yeung and Dr. Justin Field on their 2021 TOP DOCS nomination by PHOENIX magazine!

Dr. Justin Field featured again on Scottsdale Health Care’s “Medical Minute”

Here is the latest Medical Minute for Dr. Justin Field talking about RISE, the instrumentation he and Dr. Christopher Yeung developed. This instrument is significant because it is inserted in a small opening and can expand the tip once inside the patient to provide greater disc height than previously possible before, more similar to the anatomical position of their spine prior to the injury or degeneration.

New Publication from the Surgeons at DISC

Journal of Spine ISSN: 2165-7939

Drs. Anthony T. Yeung, Christopher A. Yeung, Nima Salari, and Justin Field of DISC, along with James Navratil and Harrison Maio, have recently published an article in the Journal of Spine, an Open Access, peer reviewed, academic journal that provides a complete and reliable source of information on the discoveries and current developments in all areas of the field.

The article is titled “Lessons Learned Using Local Anesthesia for Minimally Invasive Endoscopic Spine Surgery” and focuses on 9 main lessons that these surgeons have encountered while utilizing local anesthesia during minimally invasive endoscopic spine surgery to relieve spine pain – chief among them that operating under local anesthesia allows the patient to respond and provide feedback during surgery that is invaluable for patient safety and for the assessment of the pain generators and ultimately understanding of the source of pain that the surgeon is targeting.

To learn more, please download and read the full article here: “Lessons Learned Using Local Anesthesia for Minimally Invasive Endoscopic Spine Surgery”

Recent Chapter Published in Surgical Approaches to the Spine

Drs. Anthony and Christopher Yeung and Dr. Justin Field recently contributed a chapter to the book Surgical Approaches to the Spine – a step-by-step, state-of-the-art procedural manual that covers over 50 unique surgical approaches for injuries and conditions of the spine.

Their chapter, entitled “Endoscopic Foraminal Approach to the Lumbar Spine” goes into greater detail about the procedure, how it was developed and what to look for.

To preview and purchase the eBook, visit: Surgical Approaches to the Spine on Springer.com

Dr. Justin Field: Spine surgeon leader to know

Becker's Spine Review

Congratulations to Dr. Justin Field, for being named ‘Spine Surgeon Leader to Know’ by Becker’s Spine Review.

Justin S. Field, MD, is an orthopedic spine surgeon practicing at Desert Institute for Spine Care in Phoenix. He also provides care at Squaw Peak Surgical Facility in Phoenix, which was founded by spine surgeon Anthony Yeung, MD, in 1998 to complement the practice.

Dr. Field focuses on minimally invasive spine surgery and motion sparing technologies, such as cervical and lumbar artificial disc replacement as well as non-fusion stabilization. He also has extensive expertise in adult deformity correction and treatment. Along with Christopher Yeung, MD, he developed a spinal instrument called the RISE to help patients suffering from low back pain. The RISE device allows for an endoscopic TLIF with an 8 mm approach.

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The Importance of Bone Health for Spinal Procedures

by Justin S. Field, M.D.

Having healthy bones is very important to prevent fractures. Common areas where people sustain broken bones due to fragility are in the spine, hips, and wrists. It is also very important to have healthy bone quality as it pertains to being able to undergo and recuperate from spine surgery. Whether considering a smaller surgery, such as micro-decompression, or a larger reconstruction, such as a bone fusion or disc replacement, adequate bone support and bone healing is necessary for stability of the spine.

Read the complete “The Importance of Bone Health for Spinal Procedures” article »

Treating Painful Symptoms of the SI Joint

Dr. Justin Field and DISC reaches out through ACS to the Arizona chiropractic profession to work together as a team in the best interests of the patient.

In this article, Dr. Field discusses what the sacroiliac (SI) joint is and how it is often overlooked as a cause of low back pain. He also talks about the different treatment options that are available to those who are having back pain related to the SI joint.

When conservative therapies and chiropractic care no longer relieve the painful symptoms originating from the SI joint, a new minimally invasive treatment called SIFix, can be considered. SIFix is a new minimally invasive surgical arthrodesis of the SI joint. As the first surgeon in Arizona to perform this new minimally invasive SI joint stabilization procedure, Dr. Field is able to provide patients with another option to help stop pain.

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