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Surgical Pain Management

It’s more than “pain management.”

Back Pain

Pain management focuses on treating symptoms, such as repeated epidural steroid injections or trigger point injections.

 Diagnostic and Surgical Pain Management treats the underlying cause.

 Various professionals exist who focus on treating pain. However, physicians who practice Diagnostic and Surgical Pain Management require specific education and training with the newer endoscopic visualized techniques, such as the YESS technique developed by Dr. Yeung that targets the pain generator. Dr. Yeung is teaching the endoscopic technique in his workshops held all over the world.

Rather than just teaching you how to “manage” your pain, this emerging new surgical subspecialty focuses on diagnosing and treating the SOURCE of your pain. After the origin of the pain is determined, treatments are tailored to the specific needs of each patient. These treatments may, by necessity, still involve non-surgical methods practiced by traditionally trained interventional or medical pain specialists because your condition is not condusive to the newly developed surgical pain management techniques. These treatments can include ultra-minimally invasive surgical procedures such as endoscopically guided laser or radiofrequency rhizotomy, muscle reconditioning, optimal joint mobility and flexibility techniques, and other non surgical options that will provide pain relief.

Anthony Yeung and Christopher YeungTo determine whether the DISC surgeons can help you, they may perform or repeat the diagnostic injections already provided by other specialists. This is because there are subjective determinations in every test that require interpretation by the surgeon or pain specialist performing the injection procedures that can deviate by as much as 30%. The surgeons at DISC, when performing their own diagnostic and therapeutic injections, have gained enough experience to determine the likelihood that they can provide pain relief for your particular condition. At times, the diagnostic tests performed elsewhere are very clear so it is unnecessary to repeat the tests. Your DISC surgeon will inform you if he can proceed with a surgical recommendation without these additional or repeat tests.

For more information on the evolving and extended patient selection criteria of foraminal endoscopic surgery of painful degenerative conditions of the lumbar spine using the YESS technique, please review all aspect of What is YESS?

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