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“I would highly recommend Dr. Salari, and all the surgeons at this facility.”

Two Micro-discectomies by Dr. Anthony Yeung; Lumbar surgery by Dr. Salari

After I herniated my disc, at work – I had sciatic leg and lower back pain. Dr. Anthony Yeung, performed 2 separate micro-discectomies, both were successful. I had a very active field job in Telecommunications and worked climbing towers, and carrying communications equipment and pulling cable. I also went to the gym 5-6 days a week.

My 3rd and most likely, last lumbar surgery was performed by Dr. Salari. This was the most difficult as some bone had to be cut away for Dr. Salari to be able to access the area that would relieve the pressure on the nerves causing me pain.

No one ever wants to get surgery, yet I was very impressed with the level of care that I received before, during and after surgery. I was back to the gym (and work) in 2 -3 weeks. I would highly recommend Dr. Salari, and all the surgeons at this facility. They are all awesome and exceptional in their field.

Thank you,
Jean Piper

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