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Endoscopic Rhizotomy

This technique is vastly more effective than pulsed or continuous radiofrequency rhizotomy to help resolve back pain. The anatomy of the dorsal ramus innervating the facet joint varies and does not always follow the course on the sensory nerve in the literature. The nerve can be found in the foramen or as it crosses the transverse process to the facet.

Endoscopic rhizotomy is the most effective method to ablate the branches of the dorsal ramus. Rhizotomy is also a less invasive and less surgically morbid procedure than fusion.

Additional Information

From the International Journal of Spine Surgery: Percutaneous and Endoscopic Special Issue

Endoscopically Guided Foraminal and Dorsal Rhizotomy for Chronic Axial Back Pain Based on Cadaver and Endoscopically Visualized Anatomic Study

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