“It has totally changed my life.”

I had the op last year as I had sciatica for about 2 years and was in alot of pain. My entire life had stopped. I was a soccer player and had to give it all up because of the pain. I was addicted to my painkillers also but needed them to get any sleep. Like many I was in such a bad situation that I thought that the op couldn’t make it any worse. I went for the op in May 2001. I had the op on the Monday morning and was in a bit of pain but I didn’t care cause there was no more pain in my legs it had gone completely.

I had the op on the Monday and was walking(slowly) by the Tuesday morning. I walked and showered myself on the wednesday and climbed stairs and was allowed home on the Thursday. The doc said six to 8 weeks recovery time ad by week 7 I was on Holiday in Spain and jumping into a swimming pool. On week 9, I was in the gym and started playing soccer by October. It has totally changed my life. It’s so good having no pain in my leg 24/7. I won’t lie, the week after the op is hard and at times painful, but so worth it.

– John23, (from the Sciatica.com discussion group)


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